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With a WonderDads membership you get a 24/7 emergency hotline for your family, resources for unexpected financial responsibilities, the best Dad/Child life experiences, and the all-around peace of mind that helps you enjoy your responsibilities and life as a Dad – all for only $71/year.

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24/7 Emergency Assistance

With a simple call or text, we can help you, your wife, or one of your children with absolutely any emergency situation. Whether you need help in finding immediate medical care for your child, to your child needing a pickup at 3:00 AM for an unforeseen reason, to handling the logistics of a fire/burglary/incident at your house, to your family needing help when you are out of town, we’ll handle coordination, logistics and whatever else is needed that day to give you the peace of mind that someone is there when you need it most.

Financial Responsibilities

Access member-only resources and education for college savings, preparing for life’s unexpected expenses, and forums for asking any and all questions in a confidential and anonymous environment.

Life Experiences

Travel planning services for Dad and kids trips, personal shopping recommendations for mom and kids birthdays and holidays, monthly date night ideas, and the top 10 life experiences for Dads to do with kids at every age from newborns through college.

Be Prepared

Member-only resources to make sure your family is ready for what-if scenarios such as a natural disaster, what to do in case of a fire, what to do if a burglar is in the house, and even templates and resources for creating or updating a will, keeping abreast of medical developments that could impact your kids, key emergency contacts in your community for your family members to be aware of and much more.

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Marin Independent Journal

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Roland Warren, President, National Fatherhood Initiative

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