The Work Life Balance Benefit for Parents

WonderDads enables companies to offer an employee benefit for Moms and Dads that centers around monthly family activities unique to your company culture and mission. With employees often spending 70% of their waking hours working during the week, every company must address the inevitable issue of work life balance and the effect this can have on their job performance. WonderDads enables the Moms and Dads at your company to better connect with their kids, translating into less distractions from family matters, reduced absenteeism, and greatly enhanced employee productivity.

What is WonderDads?

WonderDads creates Monthly Family Activities for Moms and Dads at your company to do with their kids. The activities specifically relate to helping children of your employees understand what your company does and their Mom’s or Dad’s role at the company.

What Your Employees Get

Each month they’ll receive the WonderDads Family Activities for your company emailed to them, including a focus on a specific product/service or what a particular group does at your company, which we then turn into activities, role-play, and other creative and fun ways to share that information. WonderDads can also prepare materials for you to give new hires and parents that have babies.

Why WonderDads Works

How much is it worth to your company to increase employee productivity up to 17%, reduce absenteeism up to 7%, and increase retention up to 14%? The statistics available on helping employees improve work life balance are extremely compelling, and WonderDads is proud to be the first ever benefit to specifically address this issue for companies. See the next section on this page for specifics…

Companies Need to be Addressing Work Life Balance for Parents

White House Report from the Office of the President

Many workplaces have not kept up with the needs of 21st century workers and families. When workers are choosing companies based on their family-friendly policies, the companies that adopt such policies are better able to attract and retain talent. And when more companies have adopted such policies workers will be able to choose their job focusing more on where they will be most productive.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

In the current economic environment, work-life balance now ranks as one of the most important workplace attributes—second only to compensation, according to research conducted by the Corporate Executive Board among more than 50,000 global workers. And employees who feel they have a better work-life balance tend to work 21% harder than those that don’t.

The Families and Work Institute Study

The impact of poor work life balance results in employees more likely to report making mistakes at work; more likely to feel angry toward their employers for expecting them to do so much; and more likely to look for a new job with another employer, with almost half of employees saying it is somewhat or very likely they will seek employment elsewhere in the coming year when they feel there is poor work life balance at their company.

What Others are Saying

“….a win-win for quality time with the kids!”

R. Lewis

AOL Consumer Advisor, AOL

“…looking for cool stuff to do with your kids, WonderDads is coming to the rescue!”

Marin Independent Journal

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