We Make Family Matter

WonderDads enables companies to offer a family oriented employee benefit that centers around fun family activities unique to your company culture and mission. Create a lasting bond with your employees by showing that each and every family member is a valued part of your organization. Learn how we can help your company, and the Moms and Dads at your company, be a hero…

What is WonderDads?

WonderDads creates Monthly Family Activities for Moms and Dads at your company to do with their kids. The activities specifically relate to helping children of your employees understand what your company does and their Mom’s or Dad’s role at the company.

What Your Employees Get

Each month they’ll receive the WonderDads Family Activities for your company emailed to them. Each month will have a specific theme, such as a focus on a specific product/service or what a particular group does at your company, which we then turn into activities, role-play, and other creative and fun ways to share that information.

Why WonderDads Works

What other perk, benefit, or monetary bonus could equal the value of showing parents at your company, or even potential hires, the importance you place on family? A WonderDads membership is the ultimate way for companies to show their employees the value they place on family.

How We Help

Family Bonding

WonderDads is perfect for Moms and Dads to utilize in family bonding, as well as helping their children understand what their parent “does all day.” Having a good work-life balance helps with happy and healthy employees, as well as generating good-will in the household and creating mini-evangelists with the kids!

New Hires & New Babies

In addition to your Monthly Family Activities, WonderDads prepares a special “Welcome to Your Family” Activity Guide for new hires to explain to their children about their new company. For new babies, the parent receives a special Activity Guide congratulating them and explaining how they are going to start receiving WonderDads every month.

Hiring & Retention

Use the WonderDads name, logo and affiliation in your hiring materials and employee benefits guide to show the importance you put on family.  With competition stiffer than ever in getting and retaining top talent, a WonderDads membership is something that sets your company apart.

What Others are Saying

“….a win-win for quality time with the kids!”

R. Lewis

AOL Consumer Advisor, AOL

“…looking for cool stuff to do with your kids, WonderDads is coming to the rescue!”

Marin Independent Journal

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