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See all the ways a WonderDads Assistant can help you as a Dad – get started today!

See all the ways a WonderDads Assistant can help you as a Dad – get started today!

Plan a Dad-Kids Trip

For only $75 (normally $95), a WonderDads Assistant will help you plan a trip for just you and the kids (whether you already know your destination, want to plan something for this summer, or have no idea when and where to go). Be it a one-night, weekend, or week-long trip, your WonderDads Assistant will help with absolutely everything – figuring out where to go, travel plans, things to do, best restaurants and everything else suited to the exact ages and interests of your kids, all delivered in an 8-10 page Dad-Kids Travel Itinerary with incredible details and inspiring ideas. Select this option and your new WonderDads Assistant will reach out to schedule an introductory phone call or provide you a questionnaire to complete to help start planning your trip – whether it’s week’s or month’s away, the key is to just get it started and have something to look forward to later in the year!

Start a Monthly Daddy Day (or Dad-Kids Day for Older Kids)

Having a set day/time to do something with your kids (or one child) every month is one of the best ways to start a lasting tradition. Whether it’s Wednesdays at 5:00 PM or the first Sunday of the month, having a set time or day on the calendar gives you a specific time together to look forward to. WonderDads can help you start this incredible new monthly tradition by preparing for you a 10-page Daddy Day Activity Folder with out-of-the ordinary and incredibly fun activities for the year ahead. Each activity will be suited to your kid’s ages and suitable to where you live. And we’ll mail you a folder with everything printed out and ready to go! Here are just a few of the activities we’ve helped plan for Dads with kids ages 0-12, with details and visuals for each one to enrich the experience:

* The Treasure Hunt Hike
* Create Your Own Family Holiday
* Ramen Noodle Day
* Let Your Kid be the Boss
* WonderDads Dance Party
* The Mini Road Trip
* Bubble Gum Blowing 101
* Inspire Your Inner Artist
* Develop a Family Whistle & Knock
* The Great Doll Extravaganza
* The Indoor Mini-Put Challenge
* Drop-In Class at a Local College
* Spanish 101 for Every Age
* How to Make a Dad-Kids Music Video
* Do Dad’s Job Activity
* 100s more that can be designed for your kid’s interests, ages and where you live!

Select this option and your WonderDads Assistant will start preparing a Daddy Day Activity Folder just for you.

Oh-Sh*t Kit for Your Car

Be ready for barf, blood, soiled clothes, parking tickets, headaches, emergencies and 100s more with the Oh-Sh*t Kit for you car – contains over 30-items to help you be a hero in any situation. It’s the #1 item every Dad should have in their trunk and will be the best $20 you ever spend as a Dad!


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