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Birthday letters are an incredible way to create a priceless gift to someday give your kids. Basically, every year on each of their birthdays, find 30 minutes to write them a letter chronicling the last year of their life. Share everything from funny anecdotes to achievements to memorable moments. When writing the letter, think about what specifically happened over the past year that really stood out. Did your child accomplish a new skill? Was there a special occasion like turning 7 or maybe a school dance? Did anything particularly embarrassing happen? Did you go on any special trips? What were some of the goofy and funny moments you still laugh about?

Your letter may be a half page, a full page or even longer. It really doesn’t matter, it is all about writing things down in the moment and preserving some of the best memories of the year prior. Make this a yearly tradition and collect them all. Then when your child heads off to college, present all of the letters as a special book right before they leave. This may end up being the most memorable gift your child will ever receive. This simple tradition will become a priceless gift and give you a couple extra moments every year of feeling like the great Dad.

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