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See your own city through a fresh perspective and explore like a tourist with your kids for the weekend. Perhaps you’ve avoided visiting some of the more popular places and attractions due to crowds or having previously visited them years ago. Now is the time to stray from your usual routine and see your local spots through the eyes of a visitor. These WonderDads tested tips will help you get into vacation mode without having to go far from home. You’ll be surprised with how simple shifts in everyday routines can widen your views for adventure.


  • Visit a new art gallery, restaurant or bookstore that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had the time.
  • If there is a river, lake, or natural feature nearby, reserve a kayak or book a campground and enjoy a new perspective on a town favorite.
  • If you’ve explored the streets of your city or town, try taking the kids to experience it from the top by visiting a viewpoint or tall building. For the more adventurous, look up hot air balloon rides or helicopter tours.
  • Find the top rated restaurant in your city or town for kids and plan an amazing lunch or dinner.
  • Have a kid interested in cooking? Find a ramen cooking class or some other local course.
  • For the sports fanatics, you have to take a in a local baseball, softball, or football game.

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