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October 12, 2017


Happy 12th birthday my son! What a year it has been. You have really blossomed as an A-student, one of the absolute tops in your entire class. Ironically your least favorite subject is English, wonder where you got that from 🙂 You have made such great strides this year in your tennis. I am such a proud Tennis Dad to see how hard you are practicing, playing every morning before school with me, and to see you competing in tournaments. You have a real will to win and even when you don’t, your attitude is improving so much on the court – you make me proud, win or lose, each time. Although I have to say, I have an easier time going to the dentist than I do watching one of your matches – I am a nervous wreck! A couple of stories from this year:

  • Camp Skylemar – This was the first year ever you went to sleep away camp for more than a week (and was not just for tennis). You went for three and ½ weeks and were so brave to do it without even a speck of worry. I love to see your adventurous spirit developing and not being afraid to try new things even when they might be a little scary. When Mom, Luca and I picked you up from camp, it was a scene I will never forget in my entire life. You came running directly up to Luca, crying harder than I have ever seen you cry, telling Luca how much you missed him – Mom and I were balling our eyes out over this. And just so you know, when we dropped you off, Luca was incredibly depressed for two days and wouldn’t tell us why – but we knew, he missed his big brother so much.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – This was the last year Mom and I could really take you to an Easter Egg hunt. You and your brother were already the biggest kids there and Mom and I relished the last time seeing you and Luca so excitedly finding eggs. At the end, you opened up an egg that said Grand Prize. You went over to the organizers and asked what it was – Mom and I watched from afar as the person explained it to you, you looked so disappointed we were dying to know why. When you came back, you explained you won a free night at a hotel in a suite – yes, an odd gift for a kid, however a $300 gift nonetheless, a kid, however a $300 gift nonetheless and as you quickly realized you could take some friends there for the coolest sleepover ever, your eyes lit up with excitement (this was however after you told us what it was, and offered Mom and I $100 for it with a complete straight face).
  • Your Grades – Just today Mom and I were asking you if you liked taking tests – to which you replied “I get so excited, it’s another chance to make money!” You said it so excitedly it was hilarious. Maybe $5 for every A is too much, given how smart you are!

I love you Charlie more than you could ever know.



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