Daddy Day (or Dad Day) Wall Calendar and Planner


Having a set day/time to do something with your kids (or one child) every month is one of the best ways to start a lasting tradition. Whether it’s Wednesdays at 5:00 PM or the first Sunday of the month, having a set time or day on the calendar gives you a specific time together to look forward to.

WonderDads can help you start this incredible new monthly tradition with our Daddy Day Wall Calendar and Planner. Your calendar will provide you with the organization to plan your Daddy Days for the school year and also includes over 120 ideas for what to do for each of your Daddy Days.

You'll also receive our special Daddy Day Planner that outlines how to start a Daddy Day, why it's important, recommendations from other Dads and some truly unique ideas. Get your Daddy Day Wall Calendar and Planner!

*Product will be shipped September 1st