Our Mission

On Behalf of the 70,000+ Dads Helping Design WonderDads Products...  

"If our products can help inspire even one new Dad-Kids tradition, work-life hack, or incredibly fun memory with your kids, we feel honored to be alongside you during these crazy and wonderful childhood years. They’ll be gone in the blink of an eye, so here’s to making the most of them!”

Jonathan Aspatore, Founder & CEO


Being a Dad is really, really hard…but so worth it.

94% of Dad-Kids bonding happens between the ages of 0-18.

So we distilled the best Dad hacks we’ve ever heard into a book, The WonderDads Way, that we’ve been told “can make being a Dad 100x as fun.” A few people agreed as it reached the #1 new release on fatherhood on Amazon in 2018. And because we’re Dads, we made sure you could read it in 60-minutes!

Our kid’s childhood years go by in a blink of an eye, even if at times the weeks and months are exhausting.

So we came up with products that help put something on the calendar for you and your kids to look forward to – WonderDads Dad-Kids Trip Planner, WonderDads Daddy-Day Calendar.

Work-life balance is impossible, but being a Dad is the most important job we’ll ever have.

So we created an Annual Dad Planner, a sure-fire way to have your best year ever as a Dad. Think of it as a roadmap for things to do together, a spot to write down memories or funny comments, and so much more. Trust us, filling this out will be the “best work" you do all year.

The input of 70,000+ Dads is really powerful. 

No one has all the answers to being a Dad, but when you harness the input, ideas and feedback of 70,000+ other Dads, it sure helps. And that’s what WonderDads is really all about, harnessing the input of all Dads to create products that help our fellow Dads embrace their kid’s childhood years, feel awesome about themselves as Dads, and make the most of every year we get to spend with our kids as kids.


Here’s Our Story…

In 2005, my first son Charlie was born. As a new Dad, I was clueless, but really happy :)  

In 2007, my second son Luca was born. I still couldn’t find any products that I felt were suited to today’s generation of Dads and I was just too busy and barely getting by. I did however start a tradition with my boys, not working Wednesday afternoons and having “Daddy Day” with them, a tradition that has lasted over a decade and my most proud accomplishment as a Dad (there are plenty of not proud ones so I focus a lot on this one).

In 2009, I saw my wife Rachel writing a letter to Charlie on his birthday sharing stories of his life for the last year. She saved the letter and shared she would be writing them each year and then giving them to Charlie when he went college. Brilliant idea, and it’s something we now call Birthday Letters and we each write our own to our kids every year on their birthday.

From 2009-2015, it was a period of trying to manage being a Dad, a husband, and an entrepreneur. While the first few years of my boys life went slowly, this period from 2009-2015 flew by in a blink. Upon returning from a business trip and seeing how much bigger my boys were, it was like a slap in the face, as that time was never coming back - no more 8-year old holding my hand walking in town. It was time to do something about this, for myself and for all my fellow Dads. So I started WonderDads.

In 2015, we launched our company realizing that we wanted to create products that helped Dads have more fun, solve unique Dad challenges, and have more fun Dad-Kids traditions and memories. And Keri came on board to help run the company, a much needed female perspective to all the “Dadness” in our office.  Our first product was the “Oh-Sh*t-Kit for Your Car” - something that came about due to the constant "emergency moments" that inevitably only happened in my car - barf, blood, messes, no water, no sunscreen, and so much more.

In 2016, we noticed how many other Dads were emailing us wanting to get involved. So we decided to make this a big part of our business - harnessing their ideas, input and feedback to start designing and creating more products uniquely situated to today’s generation of Dads. This community is now 70,000+ and growing daily.

In 2017, we created an online platform to help Dads plan fun things to do with their kids. Our subscribers have planned and saved over 12,149 Dad-Kids trips, experiences and memories – something that fuels our passion every day to help inspire more of these moments.

In 2018, we published “The WonderDads Way,” a book that really distilled all our ideas, hacks and beliefs into a book that could help Dads embrace their kid’s childhood years.  And while it reached the #1 new new release on fatherhood on Amazon in 2018, nothing is more rewarding than hearing from other Dads on how the book helped inspire them to take a Dad-Kids trip, start their own Daddy Day tradition, or simply find simple ways to better balance work, family and life. 

In 2019 we’ll be releasing our Annual Dad Planner, working on the specs for the WonderDads Memories App, and continuing to get ideas and feedback from our amazing community of 70,000+ Dads. Also, the letters and pictures we continue to get from our customers inspire and humble us - keep them coming, they fuel our passion each and every day to wake up early, get to work, and keep coming up with products that help our fellow Dads be heroes.

Here’s to making the most of each and every year we get to spend with our kids as kids!

– Jonathan Aspatore, Founder & CEO