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Here are just a few of the extraordinary experiences WonderDads has helped inspire…

WonderDads has pioneered the concept of something we call Daddy Day.

Simply put, it is a set time on the calendar each week where just Dad and the kids do something together. It could be making Saturday morning breakfast, Wednesday night movies or any other set time of the week you do some type of activity together with just Dad and the kids.
When you sign up for WonderDads, we give you ideas each week for what to do, be it with all of your kids or just one of them. Whether your kids aren’t even in school yet or they are about to enter high school, Daddy Day is a tradition they (and you) will remember forever – and watch how good you feel about yourself as a Dad at the same time!

“Daddy Day for me is Thursday nights at 6:00. I make sure I am home for dinner with just me and my young daughter and I send my wife out with her friends – a true win-win!”

Dan S., Boston, MA

“I do Daddy Day each week just with my oldest daughter. We often have trouble connecting so having a set time on the calendar each week to do something has really helped our relationship.”

James F., Austin, TX

“Daddy Day is my kid’s absolute favorite day of the week. Ours is a Sunday morning breakfast tradition that includes priceless conversation while we leisurely make a fun breakfast together each week.”

Charlie G., Cleveland, OH

WonderDads believes an annual Dad-Kids trip should be on the calendar every year.

It really doesn’t matter where you go, just that you go – the planning itself is half the fun. It could be camping, a road trip, or even visiting a new baseball stadium in a different state every year.
Pick a set weekend every year and make it happen. We’ve got a ton of ideas to help make it happen, and make it a tradition that lasts a long, long time.

“On the third weekend of every July I take all my kids on a road trip. We have done it for three years now and it is hands down the best trip of the year!”

Brad A., San Francisco, CA

“This is the trip that my kids look forward to the most all year. We have done it for seven years now and some of my best stories ever come from these camping trips. And did I mention Mom gets a few days off. Being a member of WonderDads has been incredibly inspiring and have made these trips a tradition I can see lasting for a long time!”

Myles A., Walnut Creek, CA

“Every year I take my youngest son to a new major city. It is an amazing adventure and just going the two of us makes him feel so special.”

Gary F., Chevy Chase, MD

Want to give your kids a gift they will treasure for the rest of their lives?

Start writing a letter to each of your children every year on their birthday. Highlight key moments of the previous year, memorable achievements, and even funny anecdotes. Make this a yearly tradition and save them all. Then when your child goes to college, gets married, or whenever you deem it time, present all of the letters as a special book.
This simple tradition will become a priceless gift and make you feel incredibly good every year for being so creative (and we’ll remind you to do it each year and even give you a template to get you started!).

“Hands down the coolest thing I do for my kids every year. I simply can’t wait until my daughter goes to college and I give it to her. Thank you WonderDads!”

Dan P., Chicago, IL

“This is such a great way to reflect every year on what my sons did in the year prior. I love that it records some of the funny stories that I’d hate to every forget and pictures just can’t capture. It also makes me feel like a pretty awesome Dad that I do this each year for each of my sons.”

Pat W., Seattle, WA

“What a simple yet incredibly powerful idea for a gift. And thank you for the reminders every year!”

James G., Washington, DC

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