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Wait Until You See the Look on Mom’s Face When She Opens Her Homemade Gift From the Kids This Mother’s Day…



*Mother’s Day is Less Than 3-Weeks Away, Get Your Gift Taken Care of Today…


When You Sign Up For Mother’s Day, Your Membership Includes:

Welcome to the Club Box

As part of your Welcome Box, we’ve included everything the kids need to give to Mom for Mother’s Day. This includes a beautiful Mother’s Day card and 5 ready-to-make Mother’s Day gifts for your kids, with step-by-step age-appropriate directions (for ages 1-12). Also included are a WonderDads Activity Folder, a WonderDads Memory Journal, a WonderDads Month-by-Month Calendar, and a WonderDads Membership Card.

Monthly Activities

Each month, we’ll email you new member-favorite activities, games and projects to do with the kids, with age-appropriate directions so you can do them with one or all of the kids. With our Dad-friendly and easy-to-follow instructions, you can even print them out and add them to the WonderDads Activity Folder (included with the Welcome Box). You’ll even get more gifts to make for Mom for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more!


Whether you have a newborn or a 12-year old, we’ve got you covered. Every Thursday, you will receive our critically-acclaimed “What-to-do This Weekend” email, with perfectly teed-up ideas and age-appropriate suggestions for weekend activities, best Dad-Child TV shows, new kid-friendly movies, and lots of other fun ways to make it the best weekend ever (including ideas to make Mother Mother’s Day weekend incredibly special)!

How to Get Started

Join the Club

Join WonderDads today and join thousands of other Dads who feel WonderDads is “the coolest resource for this generation of Dads” (and as part of your membership, we’ve got Mother’s Day taken care of for you).

Mother's Day Taken Care Of!

Receive the WonderDads Welcome Box in the mail within a few days, filled with everything your kids need to give to Mom for Mother’s Day! Wait until you see the look on Mom’s face when she opens her homemade Mother’s Day gifts!

The Rest of the Year

Going forward, be an even better (and funner) Dad with new monthly activities and weekend ideas, more ready-to-make gifts for every holiday, and online access to our critically-acclaimed Members Only resources.

Wait until you see the look on Mom’s face when she opens her gift…

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