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We know how busy you are as a Dad. Between work and home, raising kids, careers, and trying to fit everything in being a Dad is HARD. That’s where WonderDads comes in. Our hope is that we can help you on your fatherhood journey and provide some awesome tools along the way. Remember you’re already a WonderDad and doing amazing in your role as Dad, we’re just here to help you fly even higher.


First off, we’ve tried to make it super simple for you to use the WonderDads Digital Planner but also included enhanced functionality if you want to do more.

Second, you can log in to your WonderDads planner any time, but don’t worry, we’ll also send you emails with timely reminders and keep you in the loop.

Third, we hope over the course of the year you will find a handful of ideas that you find inspiring and you actually do something with. Not every resource, Dad hack, idea, or tradition will speak to you, and that’s fine! But the ones that do, act on them, and we promise you’ll feel incredibly good.

Fourth, you’re already teed up with an Annual Dad Plan for 2020. A great next step is to pick your next Daddy Day or plan your first Annual Dad-Kids Trip.

Finally, we are constantly making improvements to enhance our member’s experience. In fact, we’ve just released our newest version of the platform so any bugs your encounter, major apologies!!! We did our best to fix all the kinks but as busy Dads too, we know we’re not perfect. Anything you see that is an issue, feel free to email us at and we’ll get it fixed immediately. Also please feel free to reach out with suggestions – we always love to hear from you! Any additional questions, feel free to send to us through the Support link on the Nav Bar and we’ll be sure to answer right away.

We hope you enjoy your WonderDads experience!

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