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The Paternity Perk Offered by Companies That Recognize Dads Too!

For Employers

For Companies of All Sizes | Only $6/Month Per User | Paternity Package, New Baby Gift, or Work-Life Balance Resource for All Dads

For Employees

Ask Your Employer to Consider WonderDads! | A Small Ask With a Big Impact

Our corporate membership is the perfect perk for businesses of all sizes to include as part of their paternity leave (or a way to start acknowledging new Dads), as a meaningful and unique new-baby gift, and a way to show Dads with kids of all ages that you care about work-life balance. Incredibly easy to implement, WonderDads handles all logistics of membership, making it the perfect way to show Dads you care about them too!

“WonderDads meets this need, and meets it in the best way possible…”
Roland Warren, President, National Fatherhood Initiative

Customized Membership Cards for Your Company!

The Absolute Best Dad-Child Activities & Projects

Enable the Dads at your company to access member-favorite activities, incredibly fun Dad-Child games, memory-making activities and more – each one is downloadable, ready-to-print, easy-to-do, and includes step-by-step age- appropriate directions for all ages. WonderDads has done the research, tested the activities, played the games, and created the templates to make sure Dads have the most fun things to do with their kids. With new ones added weekly, what other way can you help the Dads at your company achieve better work-life balance?  

Month-At-A-Glance & Weekend Preview

Given the hectic schedules of parents and their kids, members receive a month-at-a-glance calendar on the first of each month with key dates, holidays and more that every Dad needs to remember (perfect to print and use as the family calendar on the fridge!). In addition, every Thursday Dad will receive our Weekend Preview email with perfectly teed-up ideas for activities, games, movies in theaters and so much more. What other benefit can set Dad up for success at home on such a consistent basis?

My Memories

Every great Dad is looking for a better way to
keep track of their Dad-Child memories. With WonderDads, he’ll get an online account to save and record memorable pictures, experiences, stories, and also have a place to keep a Dad-Child bucket list where he can check off what he wants to do with the kids before they grow up too fast. How else can you give the Dads at your company a perk that truly bridges the gap between working hard at work and still capturing priceless memories at home for only $6/month?

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