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Get 8+ Dads in your area and launch your own WonderDads chapter! We’ll help coordinate an incredibly fun monthly activity for your group, customized specifically to where you live and also the age range of the kids in the group (a wide range of ages is totally great). Set a specific day each month, such as the first Saturday of each month at 10:00, and we’ll handle all the rest (including reminders to each member of the group).  Your membership will be free and for other Dads it will be only $20/month. Contact us to learn more!

Social Media Brand Ambassador

Become a social media brand ambassador for WonderDads! We can help provide the fresh content, or simply do whatever you are already doing. For anyone that comes to our web site and signs up, you get a royalty, it’s that simple. Is there one specific social media platform you are particularly skilled at? Do you have a passion for parenting?  Let us know!

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Do you have a business, blog or web site that gets significant traffic with moms or Dads? If so, then become a WonderDads referral partner! You’ll get a commission on any new memberships, and be helping Dads and families be heroes at the same time! Contact us to learn more.

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Want to offer WonderDads members a discount? With over 9,000 members, and a new member joining every 7 minutes, it could be a great way to get exposure and extra sales for your business! Contact us and tell us a bit more about your business and potential discount!

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