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Companies of All Sizes

Our corporate membership is the perfect perk for businesses of all sizes to include as part of their paternity leave (or a way to start acknowledging new Dads), as a meaningful and unique new-baby gift, or simply as a way to show Dads with kids of all ages that you care about work-life balance. Incredibly easy to implement, WonderDads handles all logistics of membership, making it the perfect way to show Dads you care about them too!

Trade Groups & Associations

WonderDads is the perfect add-on to your existing resources and benefits you offer your members. Adding something that is more personal in nature helps them with work-life balance and addresses a big need being faced by today’s Dads trying to balance work and home. For large enough groups, co-branding opportunities are available as well.

Schools, Government, Armed Services & More..

Providing Dads with the benefits of a WonderDads membership is the ultimate way to show you care. Whether for a school, precinct, military base, or any others, help your Dads be heroes with access to critically-acclaimed online publications, interactive resources, exclusive member perks, and their own account on to find, save, and access everything they need to be a legendary Dad.

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