The WonderDads Way: How Busy Dads With Kids Ages 0-12 Can Make the Most of Their Kids Childhood Years in Just 60-Minutes


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The WonderDads Way provides just the spark you need to start having more extraordinary moments with your kids and the reassurance of knowing you did everything you could to be a great Dad. Whether you have a newborn or middle-schooler, it’s never too late or too early to invest in creating incredibly fun and unique experiences. Because…

By the time your child turns 18, you’ll have spent 94% of your time together. Think about it…at 13 they start hanging out more with their friends and by 15 that’s all they want to-do. At 18 they are off to college (hopefully!) and then you only have college breaks and holidays to look forward to. This book helps you make the most of every one of those childhood years.

  • Chapter 1 – You’re 60 Minutes Away From Having 10x the Fun During Your Kid’s Childhood Years (Ages 0-12)
  • Chapter 2 – Crushing it as a Busy Dad (at Work & Home & the 800 Other Responsibilities You Have)
  • Chapter 3 – WonderDads 5 Secret Weapons to Being a Legendary Dad
  • Chapter 4 – Finding Your Dad Identity (You are a great Dad, here’s why, and it’s going to make you feel great…)
  • Chapter 5 – The Most Important 1-Page Chapter (and Guaranteed to Make Your Next 5-Years Your Best Ever as a Dad)

Get the book and you’ll be well on your way to having more extraordinary moments in the year ahead!

“It will be the most worthwhile 60-minutes you ever spend as a Dad…“ - Jim Dunn, Dad to Ella (2), James (6), and Cooper (12)

“Great easy read and love the insights and recommendations. The book is a simple useable road map.” - Rob Dumas, Dad to Jackson (10) and Alexa (8)

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