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What is Daddy Day?

One of the best ways to spend quality time with your kids is by setting up a “Dad Day” or “Daddy Day,” depending on the age of your child, where you schedule a set day and time each month to do something together. It can be anything from making Sunday morning breakfast together, to leaving work 2 hours early on a Wednesday afternoon to be with your kids when they get out of school, or even simply a movie together on a set Saturday every month.

What should you do for Daddy Day?

The activities you can do together are endless, including trying a new restaurant, sampling every ice cream place in your area, playing your child’s favorite sport, or taking a class together to learn something new. The key to Daddy Day is having a set time each month so your child can look forward to it and you can discuss what you are going to do beforehand. Making it a ritual has the added benefit of showing your children that you are making time just for them.

Why Daddy Day?

Given the busy schedules that all Dads have with parenting and trying to have some semblance of time for themselves, it’s hard to fit it all in. That’s why Daddy Dad is so great. Pick a time and day each month and tell your kids you are going to do something special together. It will quickly become a treasured tradition that both you and your children look forward to and makes your bond even stronger.


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