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Take an Annual Dad-Kids Trip

If you’re asking yourself why you should plan a Dad-Kids Trip, the answer is because life is too busy. With consuming work schedules, never ending school drop-offs and pickups, kid’s sporting events and activities, and all the other time sapping daily routines, there is always something competing for your time. By getting away with just one of your kids or all of them, you’ll remove any distractions from the equation and turns it into 100% quality time to focus on activities and bonding with your kids. One of the added benefits of an Annual Dad-Kids Trip is the special knowledge you’ll share in looking forward to the experience together. The buildup before the trip creates a natural and never-ending stream of conversation about activities you plan to do on the trip together, restaurants you both want to eat at, or experiences you want to share. The simple act of getting away together creates a unique environment that strengthens your bond. It also produces more natural conversation about a whole variety of topics that may not naturally arise otherwise.

Where to go?

A lot of Dads are hesitant to plan a Dad-Kids Trip for the mere fact that they are unsure of where to go. The destination you choose is not important. What is important is making the trip an annual tradition, something your children can get excited about doing with their Dads every year. So, if you’re not sure about where you want to go, here are some pointers to help spark an idea:

New Locations: Make it a tradition that every year, you and your kid visit a new major city or state. You can get a wall map and, together, map out a plan to visit a new state or capital city every year, putting pins in the ones you have been to together (and even pinning up memorabilia from each trip).

Theme: Create an annual tradition to visit a location that represents a hobby, sport, or interest you and your kid share. For example, if you and your kids are huge baseball fans, create an annual trip to visit a new major league baseball stadium.

Activity: What better way to create create an annual trip for you and your kids than to do something active together. For example, each year you could visit a popular surfing destination or play a new famous golf course.

Tradition of Same Location: Sometimes, what can make an annual trip special is visiting the same location each year. For example, find a favorite camping spot and make it a tradition to visit there each year for outdoor fun with fishing and campfires.

How Do You Get Started?

Ironically, the hardest part is not choosing the destination but picking the dates for the trip. The best way to get started is to look on the calendar and get a specific weekend picked out for your annual trip. It can be during the summer when the kids are out of school or it can be something more arbitrary like the first weekend of every October. All that matters is blocking off that time and putting a firm date on your family’s calendar. So, do it right now! Take 10 minutes and pick a date in the next six months, block off your calendar, put in the vacation days, clear it with your significant other, and get your kids excited about it. If you already know where you’re going to go, let them know. If not, have some fun with it and take your kid for a meal or ice cream to share the news. Let them talk about things they’d like to do and get something planned.


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