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Start An Annual Dad Plan This Year

A Dad Plan is a very important planning tool to create for the upcoming year. One of our most valued traditions that we think you should make a part of your Annual Dad Plan is Daddy Day. Daddy Day is just that, a special day or time of the month where you do something exclusively with one or all of your kids. Our founder started doing this when his kid’s were young and he still says it is the best thing he ever started.

Take a Trip

Another component of your Dad Plan that can help you have your best year ever is to plan an Annual Dad-Kids Trip. So, this year, take the time to do an overnight with your kids. And when we say trip, this could be as simple as camping in the backyard. It could be taking a road trip up to a Motel and spending a night, but it’s special time just for you and your kids.

Before They Grow Up Lists

Another part of this are bucket lists. This is something people are familiar with, they’re things you’ve always dreamed of doing with your kids. As a part of your Dad Plan, it’s important to create a list of things you want to-do with your kids or do better as a Dad. So create your Dad plan now and plan to have a monthly Daddy Day this year, take a planned Dad-Kids Trip, and keep a running list of Dad Goals for each of your kids to refer back to throughout 2019.


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