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Dad Hack #2: Screen-Free Sundays

As your kids get older, it is so, so hard to get them off screens. Whether it’s the Xbox, iPad, TV or phone, screens can take over your relationship with your kids. A highly effective strategy is to have Screen-Free-Sundays when you (and ideally everyone else in your family) turn all of your electronics off for the day. Take a hike, play a board game, cook an extraordinary dinner, create an art project together, read a book out loud to the entire family, put on a family play, share funny stories or do a myriad of other things.

A good way to do it is to let each person in the family pick one thing as part of the agenda for the day – and create a real schedule for yourself so that you don’t get tempted to get back on screens. A solid plan is to do this at dinner on Sunday night the week before, planning out your agenda for the following Sunday. Wait until you see how much more connected you feel to your kids by the end of Sundays. And by the way, what a great feeling to take into the work week on Monday.

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