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Join thousands of fellow WonderDads this Sunday morning in learning how to set up a “Daddy Class” to teach your kids something specific you’ve always wanted to help them learn about. We’re all going to be home a lot more over the upcoming months, what better time to set up some structure of a daily or weekly “Daddy Class” for your kids. It could be Wednesdays at 4:00 PM or Sundays at 3:00 PM, it’s all about having a set day and time on the calendar. You can teach them about the stock market, your family’s heritage, what you do for a living, a musical instrument, or even “write a book” with them. It’s all about using this unexpected time we have with our kids in a positive way that we look back on some day and think, “wow, that’s actually when I taught my kids about (insert your Daddy Class topic here).”

Register and we’ll email over the template for how to create a Daddy Class early Sunday morning so you can join your fellow WonderDads from 9:00-10:00 AM in creating your Daddy Class schedule and topics for your kids. We’ll also be available to answer any questions while you’re going through creating the plan for your Daddy Class. Trust us, this new ritual of “Daddy Class” your kids will be talked about for decades to come…join us!

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April’s Fool Craft & Activity


April’s Fool Craft & Activity


Craft Instructions:
Combine the components of your jester hat together and you’re ready for April Fools’ Day! Print both of the following pages and combine the rectangles (with stars) to form a band around your head and staple them together. Then staple or tape the circles to the tips of the triangles and attach them to the band to form a jester hat. Make one for each member of the family.

Activity Instructions:
When you’ve made your jester hat, it’s time for the jester game! Gather your family and their hats for a stand up joke competition (and I think we all know who will win, *cough* Dad jokes *cough*). Have your kids tell a funny story and laugh along. Whoever gets the most laughs out of the crowd (aka family) gets to be the King of the Week! They choose the radio stations, dinner recipes, movies, anything to be decided! Better bring your best jokes to this duel.

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