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April’s Fool Craft & Activity


April’s Fool Craft & Activity


Craft Instructions:
Combine the components of your jester hat together and you’re ready for April Fools’ Day! Print both of the following pages and combine the rectangles (with stars) to form a band around your head and staple them together. Then staple or tape the circles to the tips of the triangles and attach them to the band to form a jester hat. Make one for each member of the family.

Activity Instructions:
When you’ve made your jester hat, it’s time for the jester game! Gather your family and their hats for a stand up joke competition (and I think we all know who will win, *cough* Dad jokes *cough*). Have your kids tell a funny story and laugh along. Whoever gets the most laughs out of the crowd (aka family) gets to be the King of the Week! They choose the radio stations, dinner recipes, movies, anything to be decided! Better bring your best jokes to this duel.

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