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WonderDads Headquarters

The WonderDads Airplane Hangar in Novato, California







WonderDads History & Story

Over the past fifteen years, our management team’s experience in founding two of the leading book publishing and executive search companies led to the understanding of a need for a business that helped Dads better balance work and family. Aspatore Books (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and ExecSense (acquired by the Financial Times) were pioneers in their respective industries and worked with thousands of busy professionals from Fortune 5000 companies. The CEO & Founder of both companies, Jonathan Aspatore, went on to found WonderDads as a resource that provides unique ideas and inspiration to help Dads embrace the childhood years with their kids. While serving as Founder & Chairman of WonderDads, Jonathan also owns numerous other companies that are a part of Verb Ventures. WonderDads is a privately owned company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. WonderDads has been granted a trademark (U.S. Ser. No. 87/089,767) for the first ever Platform as a Service (PAAS) specifically for Dads.







WonderDads Philanthropy

At WonderDads, our entire mission is to help Dads be even better Dads. To this end, we have a one-for-one initiative, that we are already seeing make a big difference. For every new member that joins, WonderDads donates a free membership to a low-income Dad. We provide these free memberships all across the country, working with family support groups and schools in low income areas. The feedback we get on the impact of WonderDads from these Dads truly inspires us and shows the impact WonderDads can have on families. We also donate complimentary memberships to hundreds of fundraisers every year to help give back to local groups and other charitable organizations nationwide. We feel incredibly grateful to have such wonderful members that empower us to do such things and give back in as many ways possible to all Dads.

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