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#1. “Pokémon Tennis”

Okay, so I have a confession to make here: I really wanted to get my kids to like tennis. So during the height of their Pokémon craze, I did something really goofy and kind of unfair. I asked them if they wanted to play “Pokémon Tennis.” I knew they’d say yes and when we got to the court they saw Pokémon cards from five packs I had just bought spread out across one side of the tennis court. I explained that as we hit, every time they hit a card they got to run over to my side and take the card. Their eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. We had the time of our lives (although the people on the other courts thought I was absolutely nuts). And that $20 investment in Pokémon cards resulted in both my kids loving tennis. My money was well spent and one of the rare times one of my plans actually worked. What sport do you wish you could get your kids into? What creative way could you try and spark a flame?

#2. Mini Road Trip “North”

It’s funny how this one came about – it was actually because I had nothing planned. I had a crazy week and just flat out had no idea what we should do. So on a whim I suggested we drive north and simply pull off at an exit every 20 minutes. We live in Northern California, so this meant we were driving straight into the heart of wine country. And while no wine was consumed, we ended up playing bocce ball, having great beef jerky from a local farm and finding a corn maze (it was October) that appeared out of nowhere. When we got home my sons declared it our best road trip ever! It just proved to me that sometimes the best trips you have start with no clue where you are going. In what direction could you head as you hop in the car and have some unguided fun with your kids? What arbitrary rule for how often to stop do you want to follow – or is it even a flip of the coin every two exits?

#3. Bubble Gum Blowing 101

One day I saw my kids chewing gum in the back seat of our car, cluelessly trying to blow a bubble. After about two seconds of shamefully thinking what was wrong with them and why couldn’t they blow a simple bubble?!? I realized I was the negligent Dad who had not taught them yet! So, come the next Daddy Day, I arrived at school to pick them up fully armed with the necessary supplies. I took them to a nearby parking lot that was deserted and we sat on a couple of rocks. My sons were very curious what we were doing but I made sure to keep it a surprise. I pulled out 10 packs of gum – Hubba Bubba, Big League Chew, Bubble Tape (all the big guns for blowing big bubbles). We stuffed our faces with gum for 30 minutes until the kids finally got the hang of it – stretching the gum over their mouths, having it fall on the ground and picking it right back up (three second rule!) and various other techniques I tried to share until they finally got it. They had gum all over their faces and even in their hair, but the day was an enormous success and something we still laugh about together.

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