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Every month, WonderDads gives you so many new ways to be an even better (and funner) Dad.

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WonderDads is a first-of-its-kind club for Dads with kids ages 0-12, with over 25,000 members and a new Dad joining every 7 minutes. It’s not just for Dads and Daughters or Dads and Sons, but for Dad and all his kids, regardless of their ages. There are no “meetings to attend” or “assignments to do,” just amazingly fun ways to embrace your kid’s childhood and be an even better (and funner) Dad.

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As Dads we are all way too stretched both from a time and financial standpoint – that’s where WonderDads comes in. We tee you up with concise, to-the-point ways to do incredible things with your kids. Moms have always gotten lots of love with various resources and groups, and we think its about time there was something truly valuable and extraordinary for Dads.

We guarantee that a one-year membership to WonderDads will inspire you to do new and incredibly rewarding things with your kids. Seriously, wait until you see the look on your child’s face from a WonderDads inspired activity or experience – and isn’t that what being a Dad is all about? Join the club and have more extraordinary moments with your kids over the next year….

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